High Protein Avocado Tuna Toast

This might  be the perfect lunch.  Lunch is that meal of the day I want to invest an absolute minimal amount of time in and also be extremely satisfied from.  If it isn't delicious, I will still be hungry.  Bonus points for not derailing my healthy eating for the day.  I like to leave that for dinner, and if healthy habits were tickets to save up and cash in, then I want wine.  But I digress, back to lunch.  
As a reformed delivery addict, convenient lunches are absolutely essential.  Before moving to North Carolina with my husband a few years ago, I basically subsisted on delivery and takeout in my downtown Los Angeles neighborhood.  Moving to the south was quite the adjustment, and one that necessitated changing up my midday eating habits.  Basically I was unceremoniously told I wasn't in Kansas anymore.  And by Kansas, I mean SoCal.  Anyway, I digress, but my point is that convenience is super key.  This recipe is perfect because it is super fast to make (and can be made ahe…